Review The Blog #tinsiders.

This is my first writing in my blog. I would review a blog called as this is task  subjects.

When I opened the blog, I get the impression of a comfortable and awesome from the blog. This blog presents information in several ways: Classic, Flipcard, Magazine, Mosaic, Sidebar, Snapshot, and Timeslide.
Flipcard presents data with the picture first. If we move krusor, each image will rotate and shows the title of each article.
Classic will feature every article from the latest towards the oldest.
Magazine will show us the blog title and a bit of information from a specific blog.
In mosaic, pictures of all articles that have made into pieces of different sizes, but does not play like Flipcard.
In the sidebar, we can see the titles and pictures of each article and its total comments on the left side of your monitor, and the right side will show the content.
Snapshot, all you see is the picture in the article and placed each on a regular basis but do not stay organized.
The last way is Timeslide. Some articles are combined in each of the dates. However, I still have not discovered how the article could be merged but did not have the same date or product.

Overall this blog emphasizes pictures on each article. I felt the presentation by emphasizing the use of these images to support the theme of this blog is designs – inspirations – innovations.

Since I took a course ,creative and innovation, I want to deepen about the product itself. Products made mostly very creative and able to sustain the art and usability. The products are mostly made with an awesome idea, likes Gevalia-Stir-Mug.

For marketing themselves, much the way a cool display, such as oreo advertising .

Finally, I get a lot of insight about the products that are highly creative and innovative. I too often see this blog and other blogs to see the products and advertising creative and innovative so that I can be more creative and maybe make a creative and innovative products. Thank you for reading, and let’s be creative.